Curated Content

Inspired by the vast amount of resources available on the internet there was a need of a learning path to stay focused

Easy to Learn

Learn from Playlists sorted according to the sub-fields of computer science and in AI.

For Everyone

Learn Data science, AI topics, web development, app development and all software methodologies underlying the amazing interdisciplinary field of computer science.

Turing AI App

Inspired by Sir Alan Turing - The Pioneer and Father of AI who discovered the importance of providing intelligence to computers in 1950's long before the AI Boom happened

Web Development Projects

Learn to create websites, webapps, blogs,etc with ReactJS, MEAN stack and more

Computer Science

Receive deep knowledge of how the vast field works and how you can do good research in this interdisciplinary scientific field. Helps with the university curriculum

Data Science Projects

Learn from data pre-processing to analyzing huge datasets and applying various algorithms to get great insights with visualization

Top Research Schools Lectures

Lectures from Stanford, MIT, Columbia, Berkeley, Brown, Coursera, Udacity, Edx and many open playlists

App Development Projects

Create awesome designed apps with Flutter, ReactNative and more on Android and iOS platforms

Android only version

We are working on the iOS version and most likely it will be launched by the end of the year

Always Free. No Ads.

Behind every behavior of your robot or behind every AI, there's really a developer that spends months making it work in one specific scenario. There's really nothing magical about AI — it's really just a lot of work.

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Our Research Team

Passionate about contribution to the research community, we host weekly talks and research paper discussions and focus on Applied Research

Sagar Kotian

AI Enthusiast & UI Designer

Shashank Jhangra

Android Developer

Nilesh Arnaiya

Research Engineer

Vibhav Pandey

Product Manager

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